My first blogpost !

After almost 8 months from opening a blogger account, here I am, finally blogging. Getting an inspiration from Vikram, Saheel, and Motiani, today I add one more blog to the online voice of students of IIT Madras (who, apparently are "statistically insignificant").

So what's in the name?
... yeah you guessed it correct : all the sub-strings of "Sujeet's milli Blog" !

In this blog, I will be mostly sharing interesting stuff I find on the web, along with my opinions/comments about it. So as such, this won't be a full fledged "Blog" neither will it be a "micro Blog" like twitter (140 characters is too less), so the "milli Blog"!

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  1. awesome!!! you can finally document all your famous quotes here.. And dibs on compiling it all as a book and publishing at the end of insti life... :D
    (btw, nice start with "all sub-strings", way to go!!)

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