Chats misinterpreted and statuses misunderstood...

Google, being the evil company it has turned into lately, likes to poke fun at people like me who have no clue about stuff. For quite an amount of time, it was a puzzle to me why everybody is such a fan of Garfield!
Find some familiar pattern in the Garfield image? You will... in a minute. So, back to my puzzlement, it all started with me chatting (gtalk in gmail) with my friend. I told him some interesting piece of information and all his reply was "\m/" and he uses text smilies! Saw the pattern? Let me make it clearer...
There you go! So I thought that whenever you want show that you are brooding over something or to show that the piece of information given was such that the natural reaction is "so what?" you say \m/ ! Curse you google! And your stupid text smilies! It took me some months to see that \m/ means "rocking" or something to that effect. I first realized it when in a status message, on gchat, I saw \m/ transitioning into the fingers!

After reading this post, don't say "so what?" it has far deeper ramifications beyond the imaginations of mere mortals... to make it simple... the conclusion is "Google is evil! It is spreading misunderstandings with text-smilies!" Say no to text smilies. (There is a class action lawsuit already). Join the world-wide anti-text-smiley rally on 31st June and support the cause.

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  1. Don't worry macha!! right behind you on that!! V.v.V \m/ \m/

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