Gattaca : A tale of passion and struggle

A movie which looks like yet another science fiction film on the surface, I found Gattaca to be a gem of a movie. Not just because of the stunning performance by Ethan Hawke (who plays Vincent, the protagnoist), but because the connection the movie shared with me.
Here is what IMDB says about the movie
A genetically inferior man assumes the identity of a superior one in order to pursue his lifelong dream of space travel.
Yeah, that's the movie in a nutshell. It is the tale of struggle and hardships a man went through to follow his passion. The reason I liked the movie a lot is not because it is a science fiction movie, but I could personally connect to Vincent. Both of us represent passionate people who are not endowed by the gifts which God has blessed some others with. Space is his passion, while computers are mine. In the movie, babies are genetically engineered to be "elite" and Vincent happens to be one which was born the natural way. Vincent, not being a gifted one, faces a lot of obstacles on his journey to become an Astronaut.

The movie serves as an inspiration to mediocre people like me, who with help of some luck and some tricks have managed to live among the elites, and persue their passion. To give examples, almost all my friends fit in the second category (in alphabetical order) bonny, bonus, boring, boss, cedric mama, emperor, gilmax, gohanpra, ntj, peeman, the god (nicknames used purposefully) and many more... Some of them are math maestros, some are coding champs while some can think logically in a crystal clear manner and some are incarnation of sheer genius! Heck... one of them is a walking talking cricket encyclopedia! I have to put in a lot of efforts, just to match the bare minimum which they achieve with apparent ease. The point the movie stress upon is yes, even we can pursue our passion. All that is required is more efforts and hardwork.
Having it in genes is a sufficient condition but not a necessary one.
Having said that, I go no further than recommending it as a must watch (even for non appreciators of scinece fiction). You will find well-written reviews on IMDB anyway! :P 


  1. Nice blog and everything. It's good and inspirational and all that...

    But, Machan! What fart, da?
    'Mediocre'? 'Not endowed by gifts'? 'Even we ...'?

    Perhaps I missed the sarcasm... :-)

    But, knowing you, you probably meant it. So, I'll respect your feelings. Still, didn't know you feel so strongly about it (do you?).

    "I have to put in a lot of efforts, just to match the bare minimum which they achieve with apparent ease." - my feelings exactly. In fact, that's what I keep saying about guys like you, BonMax, Boss, etc.

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  2. "Still, didn't know you feel so strongly about it"
    - There, you know it now! :)

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  3. @ Sujeet: Good post. The same reasons are why I get the motivation to do things in fields where I know there are several people waaay smarter than me. But don't worry ( or be so modest ) - you're definitely in the second category along with the rest of 'em ( boss, turingD , gohan , etc... )

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  4. I always thought you are in the second category,but Sujeet you surprise me.

    I guess with your "limited capabilities" you have done much better than some of the junta you mentioned.

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