Google, being the evil company it has turned into lately, likes to poke fun at people like me who have no clue about stuff. For quite an amount of time, it was a puzzle to me why everybody is such a fan of Garfield!

Note : In a later blog post, I have added two more functions to the blog-htmlize.el file using which line numbers to the code snippets can be added. Here are the details.

Today I started a blog, and here I am again, posting apparently on a "cooked up" topic. The story is like this - I was thinking about the topics to blog about and realized that my blog will eventually end up having some code snippets. But without syntax hi-lighting, half the beauty of the code is lost. Then I looked for numerous blogger code snippet tools, only to end up not being completely satisfied with any. I just love my color scheme in emacs, and want nothing less for my blog. The topic of the blog was thusly decided - "How to get your emacs color scheme to your blogger code snippets?" See that? That's why I call the topic to be "cooked up"!

After almost 8 months from opening a blogger account, here I am, finally blogging. Getting an inspiration from Vikram, Saheel, and Motiani, today I add one more blog to the online voice of students of IIT Madras (who, apparently are "statistically insignificant").

So what's in the name?
... yeah you guessed it correct : all the sub-strings of "Sujeet's milli Blog" !

In this blog, I will be mostly sharing interesting stuff I find on the web, along with my opinions/comments about it. So as such, this won't be a full fledged "Blog" neither will it be a "micro Blog" like twitter (140 characters is too less), so the "milli Blog"!