It was good while it lasted...

A week or so ago, God knows what happened and suddenly junta were writing poems and rhymes about whatever trifles they could get hold of, and posting it on our class mailing list! I felt so left-out and inferior because of my poor English and dry imagination. Since then I have been thinking of writing something or other in English, be it just a bunch of rhyming sentences thrown together.

I wondered how it would be to write a poem (if I may call those humble bunch of lines so) on a topic about which I don't have any personal experience. Previously I had written about my mother (link) and Shivaji Maharaj (link), both being Marathi poems, putting my feelings into words in my mothertongue. This, however had to be totally different and challenging, take a topic and write something in a foreign language without any personal experience and feelings. Challenge accepted!

Which topic to write about? Mother, mother nature, and love came first and foremost to my mind, but according to the challenge, first two were obviously ruled out! Before I write some non prose, I had to think of a story. What can be more "entertaining" than a broken heart? :P The story is simple 3 liner : A chap falls in love, the nightmare of rejection comes true, and with a heavy, broken heart, decides to move on.

Here goes my first stab at making a poem in English...
It was so good while it lasted
It was so beautiful before it blasted

Nights of rosy dreams and days of stolen glances
Never bothered about what _were_ my chances

Things looked so pretty and the moon so bright
Never did I foresee the impending fright

Who would have thought that the heart is so weak
The path I'm trudging on is gonna be so bleak

That enchanting smile, those bewitching eyes
They remain unfazed while yours truly cries

Two words of rejection, lo! the soul shatters
Stripped off the joys and left me in tatters
The flowers still bloom, the light still scatters
Gave my best shot, that's all that matters

Life is cruel, my heart it smashes
But I'm a phoenix, will rise from the ashes!
Being the PJ maniac that I am, I can't stop but make one here...
It was good while it lasted...
then there came ants...
सारा गुड खाके चली गयीं !

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