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There was free wireless internet on Dubai Airport. When all the three of my co-passengers were sleeping, having left the task of looking over the luggage to me, I took full advantage of the wi-fi. I was chatting with Kirtika about the journey so far when she told me that Dubai onwards it gets much better. Already pampered by the Emirates service and food, I could hardly imagine anything better. Every single word of what she told came true. 

All Emirates flights are equal, but some are more equal than others
Compared to previous flight, everything on this one was better, more polished, more welcoming. When I was told that the in fight entertainment system on this flight is going to much better than the previous one, I could not believe it. I was so so wrong! This one had hundreds of movies, latest television shows and what not! Same with the food: much better and more variety too. So much so that I could not resist the temptation of doing what I do in insti : whenever one of my favorite food items is being served in mess (obviously limited quantity), after dining in one mess hall, I quite shamelessly go to the other hall for another go! The menu card on plane read "post lunch : pizza or fruits". I convinced myself that there is nothing wrong in getting both as it is "or" not "xor"! From one flight attendant, I got the pizza, and when she went away, I got a green apple from another. Obviously I had finished the pizza by then! When all lights were shut off, I noticed the ceiling of the flight. It created an effect of a star studded, calm night. Small small things, (literally small too) can add quite a lot to the overall aesthetics and ambiance. At the risk of making such a nice sight look quite dull, here is what I managed to capture of it
Twinkle twinkle little stars!
Movies galore
With so many movies to choose from, I was totally spoilt for choice. Going through the list again and again, unable to decide, I spent sizable chunk of an hour just reading reviews. Although I read the reviews, I ended up watching movies based only the name being heard by me previously. I watched not 1,  not 10, not 11 but 100 movies on the flight! A bug's life was a movie worth its time. Till date, animation movies have failed to disappoint me, this being another one. In time, on the other hand, did not live up to the expectations the trailer creates. The grand concept of time to live (or TTL as CS junta would prefer calling it) being the currency for day to day activities was not fully exploited in the movie. I would say they just downplayed it, or it might be just my bollywood mentality which demands everything to be grand. The climax (can we call it one?) was not great either. Curious about the bollywood section, I browsed through the list to find quite a nice collection right from Mother India to Delhi Belly. Don't know what got into me, but I decided to watch saathiya! All I remembered about it was that the songs were good. At the end, I realized that songs are the only thing in the movie that's good! Then I watched Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. A light, cheerful movie, it always managed to put a smile on my face when I was not busy laughing the hell out. Who cares if the plot is too childish and illogical! Since then, the song kaisa yeh ishq hai is running on loop in a musicindiaonline tab in my firefox. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, just like Kailash Kher has some magical edge to his voice, I have to agree.

Poles and zeros
Ok, I admit that there was just one pole and the temperature was not zero, but quite below zero :P Yeah! I am talking about the north pole. Our flight flew over north pole. A sight to behold, I can not fit what I saw in words! Although my phone had run out of charge, Gunaa's was fortunately not. I got hold of it and snapped away as many pictures as I could. There you go... 
Global warming?
दूध सी सफेदी निरमा से आये!!
Although I did not have a window seat, the emergency exit door was all mine to claim! I stood there trying to capture the vast, blinding whiteness. I made full use of emergency exit on both sides of the plane, as the view was quite different from the two sides because of sun's position. I wonder whether it gets boring or something, but it was pretty odd me opening the window and staring out of it, while no one else was even slightly interested, busy watching the TV in front of them, windows shut. One co-passenger though, after seeing me, took out his DSLR camera, and started capturing the icy beauty!

De wise driver
Too bad that I could not get pictures of the ice capped mountains when we came close to San Francisco. Apart from the funny speedometer readings on the screen, the landing was normal. The mild chilly weather indicated that its going be three month of awesomeness which we crave for in Chennai. Facebook seems to create a lot of buzz.. On the airport, the customs (or immigration ?) officer asked Gunaa about which school he was from, how the selection procedure for facebook was, how it feels to get into it and what not! And oh boy! What a taxi driver we had got! Remember agent Smith from the matrix? Replace the suit with a normal shirt pant and a blazer and there you go... our driver. This man was a walking-talking talking machine :P. He started with getting us familiar with the directions (east-west-north-south) and the geography. Where the ocean is, where the mountains are, how to go to downtown San Francisco and so on and so forth. I got some dose of GK on our way from airport to our place. He told us about the local airport from where personal planes take off, showed us various malls and shopping places on the way. He "enlightened" us about what DRL is after I found it funny that in the middle of the day, most of the drivers on the road had forgotten to switch their car light off! Ask him anything and he would know! He even narrated an incident when he was in London about how he almost got killed in a car accident. The problem stemmed out of the fact that In London, just like in India, the driver's seat is on the RHS of the car (it's odd when we abbreviate right-hand-side in contexts other than maths, isn't it?). He told us about places one should visit during their stay here in California. Fed us with useful information regarding getting a phone and various plans they come with. By the time he got us updated with the history of Stanford University, the geography of El Camino and the economic know how of the silicon valley, we were at our place. I regret not taking a picture with him and not even asking his name, but then I realize, he did not give us any chance at all! He must have thought what a stupid n00b I am when I asked him what a 'xing' is (I pronounced it as 'zing')...

वाह सुजीत बाबु, बड़ा घर, स्विम्मिंग पूल, बढ़िया है!
Facebook surely know how to pamper their interns! The apartments we are staying are even better than a decent resort in a tourist place! These pictures say it all... (courtesy Gunaa)
I wish I could fit our next day adventure in this post... some other time... some other post!
P.S. : XING stands for 'crossing'. Obvious, isn't it?


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