A poem with wordplay

[Part of coursework for HS3010: Creative Writing. Standard format : Poem, one line description, explanatory essay]
How can I write a poem with wordplay
Amidst the cruel game that the worlds play

Although I take great honour in your offer
My relationship with poetry is on-her, off-her

First of all, I will have to write the poem
Finding mistakes, then, I will have to right the poem

Usage of homophones, doesn't it amaze you?
Every time I look for them, I am in a maze new

Pardon me my lord, for I lack poetic ability
All I wish for is to sing and drink with a bell, a tea

You want such a poem which vividly tells a tale
My writings end up self-looping like a dog tails a tail 
One theme of "a poem with wordplay" is self-reference.  This brief essay will explain how "a poem with wordplay" expresses this theme, including through the use of Style, Poetic Devices, and Story Elements.

In "a poem with wordplay", a poet expresses his inability to write a poem with wordplay, as requested by his king. As wordplay, the poem exclusively uses homophones and similar sounding phrases, while trying to employ an AA rhyming scheme.

As it often happens, when given a topic on which one has to write a poem, spontaneity and originality is very difficult to achieve. I had just started reading "Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" by Douglas Hofstadter, which gave me an idea of writing a poem which talks about the poet talking about the process of writing that very poem!

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