All that's fair...'s 'not for you'

[Part of coursework for HS3010: Creative Writing. Standard format : Poem, one line description, explanatory essay]
I always wanted a barbie doll
sweet and cute, fair and tall
Dad said, "Baby, you must realize,
your daddy can't pay such humongous price
we are not among the fortunate few
all that's fair, it's 'not for you'"

Delicious pizza, sweet apple pie
my brother did have them, never did I
Mom said, "This is what it takes,
to be a member of the 'fairer sex'
forget tasty food and clothes brand new
all that's fair, it's 'not for you'"

Studied rigorously, night and day
I was prepared, come what may
From somewhere back, in the exam hall
a chit came flying with answers all
I got debarred for allegations untrue
all that's fair, it's 'not for you'

Fell in love madly with a complete stranger
Went ahead with it, not sensing the danger
Ego took a back-seat, I bared my heart
"I am not into such things", came the retort,
"it's not about you, please don't feel blue
all that's fair, it's 'not for you'"

Saw miracles happening, being a nurse
thousands of prayers fighting a curse
with intentions noble and feelings pure
T.B. or cancer, I helped them cure
mournings echoed when I died of flu,
"all that's fair, it wasn't for you"

Something struck me, it rang a clear bell
I asked the devil upon reaching the hell
knowing all that's fair was not for me,
kill me so young, how could he?
I screamed in agony, how could he dare
because, of all the things, life wasn't fair...
One theme of "not for you" is unfairness of life.  This brief essay will explain how "not for you" expresses this theme, including through the use of Style, Poetic Devices, and Story Elements.

It was eight in the morning, first class of the day, and the professor had not yet arrived. Two minutes passed, then five, and then ten... I caught myself thinking "Life's so unfair, she expects us to come on time, is strict about attendance, but it's okay if she comes late." And it struck me how watered down and cheap the usage of "life is not fair" has become. C'mon! After all, it was just a morning class. It reminded me of the story of a rabbit who goes to a river to commit suicide because it is afraid of so many things. On the river bank, when the rabbit arrives, frogs get afraid of it and jump off into the water. At that moment, the rabbit realizes there are people worse off than him and it is no reason to call quits on life. We are becoming more and more like the rabbit, whining and crying for every small trifle.

Having set me thinking of these lines, soon my thoughts got diverted to the topic of worst things one could have at each stage of their life. And there, I got the character, the narrator of this poem. A young lady, telling us her life story straight from the hell. An example of exaggeration, her story tells us how cruel fate can be with someone. Each stanza depicts one "life isn't fair" moment from her life.

The poem briefly touches upon common social issues like poverty and gender based discrimination, explores common themes like fear of exams and makes use of highly improbable events to give it an unrealistic flavor.

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