Cupid and CPUID

A love letter to my career

[Part of coursework for HS3010: Creative Writing. Standard format : Poem, one line description, explanatory essay]
At the heart of machines is silicon town
Transistors buried deep, deep down

Among the flip-flops, buses and caches
Next to the punch-holes, dots and dashes

Fate of the world, the chips decide
There, my love, I know you reside

Insanely charming with silicon assets
Seen you grow from punch-cards to cassettes

Leaner and sharper with every tic and toc
Nothing now matches the speed of your clock

Transcending boundaries of creed-race-nation
With you by side, it's wold domination!
One theme of "cupid and CPUID" is love towards the spirit of computation.  This brief essay will explain how "cupid and CPUID" expresses this theme, including through the use of Style, Poetic Devices, and Story Elements.

To tell the truth, there was neither a specific incident, nor a particular moment of inspiration. As a compulsory topic, I had to write "a love poem to your career". I chose the simpler route of praising my own career rather that imagining a fancy one and then try to "woo" it.

The poem employs a simple AA rhyming scheme and can serve as an example of personification. At the expense of alienating the lay reader, the poem makes generous use of computer science specific words and terms, many times to achieve some wordplay, the title being an example of the same.

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  1. Nice poem da. Now I know that you can woo ladies using your poetic skills too......

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