[Part of coursework for HS3010: Creative Writing. Standard format : Poem, one line description, about the poem and about the process of writing the poem]
There hasn't been a secret
I ever kept from you
Share all my thoughts I did
stupid, old and new

You are the most charming one
I have ever seen
You are dearer to me than
every kith and kin

I will save your life first
without a second thought
Be it the shocking tsunami or
be it a dreadful drought

You were always there for me
through merry and through gloom
I know you will never leave
be it heaven be it doom

I am obsessed with your name
it's so sweet to hear
Can't frequently use it though
goddamn social fear

Thoughts of not seeing you
shake me up with horror
What a beauty I'd have missed
if not for the mirror!
One theme of "Surprise!" is surprise.  This brief essay will explain how "Surprise!" expresses this theme, including through the use of Style, Poetic Devices, and Story Elements.

The aim of the poem is to surprise the reader and if possible, make the reader go through the whole poem again after reading the last line and elicit the reaction "oh, all these lines make much more sense now." Efforts are made to make the readers think that the narrator is addressing their love interest and make them appreciate the passion and devotion the narrator has towards the same. Hoping that by the time the reader comes to the last stanza, the narrator has secured a moral high ground in the reader's mind. And then, there comes the surprise! By revealing it's none other than the narrator at the receiving end of the poem, it is attempted to make the reader re-think about the narrator and see the poem in a whole different light, this time seeing the narrator as a selfish, narcissistic moron.

This poem is inspired by the Hindi song आने से उसके आये बहार where, in a similar way, the narrator seems to be describing his lover, only to reveal at the end that he was describing the climate!

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  1. Ob nobody expects a poem on lover from you :P. So, from the start, I was expecting some plant or flower or something like that. And finally I got that it is you! What a surprise :-). You proved your selfishness! Congrats :D.

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