Having given a crude and high-level picture of how it is like to intern at Facebook in a previous post, let me discuss work related aspects of it in more detail in this post. As I mentioned in that post, compared to many other tech companies, Facebook's procedure for offering full-time jobs to interns is quite different. There are no additional interviews, no extra tests to be written and no puzzles to solve. You are solely judged by your performance during the internship on your project. (note the emphasis, I will come back to it later)

This is the story of a boy with ego bigger than the universe and how it got severely hurt, with ambitions taller than the Everest and how they were shattered. Story of a certain Mr. Sujeet Gholap and the events and circumstances which led to eventual disappointment and disillusionment.

... and why it sucks if articles are edited and published without consulting the author

    This post has the unedited version of an article I wrote for The Fifth Estate - IITM's campus news body. I do realize and totally understand that our goals and motives differ and from T5E's point of view, the editing was perfectly justified. They want to provide concise, to the point and factual information useful to the reader community (mostly the students), while I want to insert poor jokes, ill conceived puns, double meaning titles, comp. sci. specific jargon and most importantly, self boasting in as many places as possible. Also, my excessive use of smilies and exclamation marks probably would not have been suitable for a "formal" article. But I kinda sorta believe that you should write the way you talk. And if you have talked to me, you would realize that text without exclamation marks and smilies won't at all sound like it came from me! ;) Having said that, along with the article, let me discuss what all was edited and why I liked the way it originally was. Blue's what was edited/chopped off.