Facebook like and comments counter for blogger dashboard

Blogger's dashboard lets us have a look at the number of +1s, the number of blogger comments, the number of pageviews for each post individually. Wouldn't it be nice if we could see Facebook stats also along with these?

If you have placed a Facebook like button on your blogs, then this is for you! If you have installed Facebook comments on your blog, then, again, this is for you!
Take a look at the screenshot:
Here are the userscripts you could install right away!
  1. Only likes count.
  2. Only comments count.
  3. Both likes and comments count.
How to install userscripts: Firefox
Install the addon called greasemonkey, then simply click on one of the above links.

How to install userscripts: Chrome
Install the addon called tampermonkey, then simply click on one of the above links. Chrome actually does not need another addon to run these scripts though; you could just follow the following steps instead.
  • Right click on one of the above links, click on "save link as" and save the user.js file somewhere convenient.
  • Go to chrome://extensions/
  • Drag and drop the saver user.js file into the chrome tab in which the above link is opened. Done!

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