Email id from Google profile

If you have a Google account and your profile is searchable by name, then anyone can find their way to send emails into your Gmail inbox (well, not really inbox, but into at least your Gmail's spam folder).
  1. Go to
  2. If you have a Google+ account, the URL will become something like
  3. If you don't then the URL will become something like
  4. Note the big-huge number in the above URL? That's your Google profile id.
  5. Any mails sent to reply-<id> would be delivered to the person with <id> as their Google profile id. For example, I will receive any mail sent to
Wait, wait! You haven't really stumbled upon a treasure-trove. Obviously these mails don't end up in Gmail inboxes, they go to spam!

But still, if the person you are trying to contact is someone like me, who, doesn't receive much spam anyway and who likes to keep that folder clean too by going through mails, you are in luck!

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