Insti to home – one last time

The “four year transform” was complete and it was time to leave. Next day morning five was the flight back to home. I had all the packing in the world to do, administrative procedures to finish; but above all, I wanted to live every moment remaining in insti!

My mind was already drifting towards nostalgia, sadness and general senti. “No!” said I, senti can wait, I will push it further and further until it vanishes. I started playing all the latest fast, high-beat Bollywood songs. Speakers on full volume, drowning out the schemes of that notorious mind of mine. “I won't feel sad. There is so much packing to do, card games to play, and friends to talk to.” I told my mind.

While sorting out papers, I encountered my letter of admission to IITM. My god! Four years passed so quickly, no? “Don't you get senti!” ordered I. जादूकी झप्पी was playing out loud, I hummed along. I saw certificates for blood donation, for winning various things in Shaastra and Saarang, for getting a prize in Hack U. Hack U! that thing got me my first internship. Yahoo!... so many memories... “shake it off, pack your stuff.”

I opened the suitcase I hadn't opened for months. That gift which I could never give, was staring at me! Pangs of pain erupted. टूटा टूटा एक परिंदा, with that charming voice of Kailash Kher wasn't helping either. Felt like burning that stupid damn gift up and drain the ashes in toilet. “Do you want to go home or not? KEEP PACKING!” I told myself sternly.

Clearly, a night-out was on its way. I decided to play cards, while packing stuff intermittently. Late night poker had just gotten addictive. We played poker, we played lit, we played all through the night. “Mission accomplished! Avoided all senti and mushy stuff!” I commended myself. Taxi came. Finally, it was time to leave, time to say bye, a final one... “See ya in convocation!” I said cheerily.

The thought of me not getting a chance again to meet my dear friend struck me like a thunderbolt. “Don't think like that” attempted I to tell my mind. Taxi had started. “Remember that dawn when lying on the Himalaya lawn, you kept counting birds in the sky?” my mind sure knows its tricks.

“In the full glory of final semester idleness, wasn't it super fun to while away time at Gajendra Circle with friends, late night, learning how to whistle, playing snapping-of-fingers competition and 'generally putting phart'?” Ah. Stop it already! I need those songs! Those dhing-chak songs. NOW.

“Oh! The Durga temple, and the soothing, calming hours spent there. How can you ever forget the moonlit night, when the lights went out? Serene, quiet, bliss!” Arey! I told you bloody mind to stop, no?

I think it likes fighting back. It drew its nuke! “No more Krishna gate vadas for you. No more swinging by the banyan tree roots at Krishna Hostel. No more poker games. No more GC night-outs. No more late-night phart sessions. No more AC DCF. No more, Sujeet, no more!” Ayyo! And here I was, thinking I evaded the senti. No point resisting. I let it flow... more... even more. Taxi driver asked whether everything was okay at home!

Reached airport at four in morning. Now what the heck was I supposed to do for next hour or so? Already tired from the “exercise” in the taxi and from the night-out. I decided to go for a quick nap...

“Mr. Sujeet Gholap” was being announced on the speaker... Someone was shaking me... “Sir, are you Sujeet?” Damn! I overslept! Ran off towards the gate! Looked like they were waiting only for me!

There was a girl in the seat beside my seat. “Is she cute? Focus!” Eyes too bleary to focus and mind overflowing with too many things to keep track of, I gave up. “She must be cute” assumed I. Maybe we could watch a movie on my laptop...

“Sir, do you plan to get down at Pune?” the air-hostess was shaking me. The plane was empty. The supposedly cute girl was gone... The sarcasm! Sarcasm from air-hostess? You got to be kidding me! I felt like snapping back “No, I want to just live out of this plane.” “Yeah, sure, sure” said I instead. Now I vaguely remember me looking out of the plane window, marveling at the morning glow, and saying “wow!” Was that a dream? What other stupid things like that did I do? I would never know, unless, I meet that girl again :P

Then started an eight-hour bus journey back home. How could I not be riding shotgun then? The sky was overcast, planes and small-small hillocks were bright green with tender grass, trees were fresh, as if straight out of bath. “Oh! Such a nice weather, cool breeze and diffused light... so nice...” I felt relaxed...

“Please don't sleep when you sit near the driver.” the conductor was shaking me and telling in an angry tone. Okay, time to read something then. In The Fountainhead, Stanton Institute of Technology was having their convocation. “Nice! Just twenty days and I would be back in insti for convocation” I thought. Roark, Keating and Stanton Institute of Technology were circling in my head, swirling along with IITM, my convocation, my friends...

“I told you not to sleep there!” nearly shouted the conductor. My kindle was fallen out of my hand. I said something like “thank you for giving me the degree”, a split second too late to realize where I was, and what was happening. I didn't want to lose my shotgun position. The only way to stay awake was to write something...

Well, this is what I wrote, and then typed again here! What a blurry, fuzzy, and hazy journey!


  1. Yahoo memories... “shake it off..."
    Was that meant for Vikram? :D

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    1. Interesting. We should pain Sujeet about his Yahoo memories :P.

  2. Nice one, don't worry, you'll forget it all one day :-).

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    1. If I am going to forget it one day, then, _that_ is some reason to worry! Such awesome times, I never would want to forget!

    2. I'm sure you'll have much sweeter memories in future and you'll slowly forget these :). Anyway, time makes you forget everything, it's the natural way, you can't stop it :P.

  3. Nice post :). "Maybe we could watch a movie on my laptop..." - haha, earphones?

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    1. I did have earphones. But you see, I just slept off! :P

  4. Hey u are osam i am a 10th std boy sir sujeet mala IIT karachya plz help to guide me wat 2 chose plz rply..

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