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Around a couple of years ago, Google killed Buzz. While I wasn't fond of it, it offered a really nice and nifty feature: archive my gtalk status messages!

Many times I am in search of that awesome link someone had shared and then I had put as my status message, only to end up with nothing, totally forgotten and blank!

If you like to share nice webpages and sites you come across on the web - maybe a link to some nifty programming trick every now and then, some really addictive game or some infinitely hilarious picture, then you might find this useful.

Some people, like me, sometimes, use gtalk statuses to vent out their feelings, mirror their state of mind and curse that occasional professor for truckloads of homework. Such status messages, when you look back at them, can be good for introspection. With facebook statuses not even searchable, gtalk statuses, along with buzz came to rescue. Here's how to get back to archiving and saving your gtalk status messages:

  • Add to your chat list.
  • Whenever you change a status message now on, you will get a mail containing that status message.
  • You might find the following information useful for setting up filters etc for the mails
    • Sender : "Status Logger <>"
    • Subject : "Re: Gtalk status update"
If you would like to build and host your own bot instead, you are more than welcome to have a look at the source-code on my github repository for Gtalk Status Logger.


  1. How does this work?
    this=adding ' ' to the chat list

    Reply Delete
    1. In the same way as you would add any other email id...


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