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This December, so far has been a heck of a month! Having started with a bang by creating what I hear was a record, I have observed and learnt much since then.
What I saw and experienced: Somethings pleasant, somethings funny, somethings irritating and somethings downright sickening. Right from comments some very close friends made to unbelievable display of pride perfect strangers showed. I witnessed the sudden change in behaviour of people whom I thought I knew well. I observed, first hand, how factors like language, region and caste play a significant role in "hyping things up". I saw how news is manipulated, manufactured and made sensational. This series of blog posts is an attempt to analyze all this hype, to introspect and to voice my unedited, uncensored opinion!

Being an extrovert, it is really really hard to keep things to yourself. My head will just explode if I don't blurt things out. I need an outlet and by blog does it for me.... :)
  1. Placement hype : allegations, self-doubt and resolution.
  2. Placement hype : the "what" part.
  3. Placement hype : the "why" part. (coming soon)
  4. Placement hype : the "so what", "then what" and "what now" parts. (coming soon)

After all this placements frenzy, there was this media frenzy about the placement frenzy. This year though, it was different for me, because I was a part of the frenzy! A look at my account of my internship at Facebook, would tell you how I hate "edited or censored" news and articles. And that was just an article with minor stylistic and technical modifications. This time though, media took the meaning of creative freedom to a whole different level! This post is going to be an account of how a seemingly simple thing like getting a job is made a huge issue of, how lax the media in general is and how "masala" is added to news. As a bonus, a funny story of how those typical news channel "success stories" are made is included...