ये मैंने क्या खो दिया…

“That’s what we get, and deserve in the end
Around the corner… a vanished friend”
(Charls Hanson’s “Around The Corner”)
डूबा रातोंकी झगमगाहटोंमें;
नयी उम्मीद जगानेवाला सवेरा मैंने खो दिया

गहराईओंमें मोती ढूँढ़ते ढूँढ़ते;
मन को सुकूँ दिलानेवाला किनारा मैंने खो दिया

छिछोरे चाँद को तांकते तांकते;
हरपल राह दिखानेवाला सितारा मैंने खो दिया

“मैं!” “मुझे!!” “मेरा!!!” कहते कहते;
“मैं हूँ ना” कहनेवाला कोई प्यारा मैंने खो दिया

चूहोंकी दौड़में भागते भागते;
मेरे हमसफ़र तुझे, यारा मैंने खो दिया
Immersed in the bling of night;
I lost the dawn that brings new hope

Busy searching ocean depths for pearls,
I lost the reassuring shore

Enamored by the flippant moon,
I lost the star which guided me along every path

Busy thinking about “I!” “Me!!” “Mine!!!”,
I lost a loved one who said “Don’t worry, I’m here”

Running in this rat race of life,
O my companion, dear friend, I lost you


  1. Poetically, I really liked the analogies. My fav is the moon-star one. :D
    One of your sweetest poems, hits the heart of the listener. Good job. :)

    PS: I am a good listener. HMU, if you want. :P
    PPS: I hate the captchas of your blog commenting widget.

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