The grade hypocrisy

You, keep on telling me, “grades don’t matter [to me]”. You know what, you look like a hypocrite. Do you even understand the meaning of “something not mattering”? I doubt it.

I’ve seen you fret over assignment submission deadlines, pulling all-nighters to avoid late-submission penalty. Yet, you say ‘grades don’t matter’.

Learning, understanding is more important. That’s what matters, not exams and such ‘artificial measures’. You say that, and you then go and ‘prepare for exam’. If learning were so goddamn important, you would study regularly, consolidate what you learnt in class everyday. Then you’d hardly need any ‘special preparations’ for the exams. Yet you do. Still, you say ‘grades don’t matter’.

Putting efforts into something is pretty much the working definition of “something mattering”. How about you make a note of this simple thing?

I’ve seen you crib about how you got half a point less in the midterm, simultaneously boasting about how you bluffed your way through a question in the finals and got away with it. Don’t you find it difficult to live with these inconsistencies? Don’t you get mired into the this maze of contradictions you’ve created? I know you don’t. Because you are a hypocrite.

Grades don’t matter? Then go ahead, don’t mess your sleep-cycle up, take that late penalty, forget the all-nighter. Grades don’t matter? Then fucking act like it!
Oh, they do? Then stop spewing bullshit that they don’t.

I know you won’t do that, because you are a goddamn hypocrite.

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