First standard to IIT (a whirlwind account)

[15th December 2012] I am currently pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Madras. I secured an all India rank of 184 in IITJEE 2009. After the recent success of IIT Madras campus placements (read my experience here), I got so many of Facebook messages and emails asking about my JEE preparation that it looked much more convenient to rather write a blog-post.

I hail from a town called Kallam from Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. I studied in a local school in Marathi medium till 10th standard. Both Mom and Dad teach at a local college. Right now, I am in my final year of engineering.

First standard to ninth standard:
  • Whatever was being taught in the class, I used to pay attention to it, listening with full concentration.
  • Whatever was supposed to be taught on the next day, I would read that part from the text book beforehand like reading a story book. (Understand whatever you can, and take care of the remaining after it is taught in the class)
  • I never ever used any guide books.
  • Never did I mug things up. Especially, I ensured that I understand concepts in maths and sciences fully and thoroughly.
  • I made it a point to appear for competitive examinations. Especially the scholarship examinations in 4th and 7th standard, Maharashtra Talent Search exams in 8th and 9th standard and also, the Navodaya Vidyalaya entrance exam in 5th standard.
  • Success in these examinations was a real confidence booster. In my opinion, these are the exams which put your analytical abilities to real test.
  • I never studied by counting the number of hours I studied. Remember, you are not a wage worker to "count your hours"! Until your concepts are not clear, until your mind is not satisfied, study, you must.
  • Never did I let things pile up. Every weekend, I made sure that I revise all that was taught that week.

Tenth standard:

Just like everyone, I was studying "normally". The previous year, in 9th standard, I had secured a state-wide first rank in Maharashtra Talent Search exam. During winter holidays in 10th, the director of MTSE asked my Dad, "What is Sujeet going to do in future?" Dad replied "We haven't decided on anything concrete yet, but, right now at least, it looks like first become a doctor and then go for IAS." That time he told my Dad about there being these top class engineering colleges called the IITs... etc. etc. He also pointed out my interest in physics and maths saying "why doctor then?" It was decided then, to prepare for IITJEE.

The decision was made and the whole direction of my studies changed. I was firm that board exam marks should not bother me anymore. The aim was the Ramaiah coaching class in Hyderabad. They don't take board exam marks into account, that I knew. I was confident that even if I don't study for board exam anymore, I won't fail! Dad went to Hyderabad and got some "IIT foundation" books from Matrusri. Then on, with all my capacity and concentration, I started studying from those books, simultaneously preparing for National Talent Search Exam. I have had all my education done in Marathi till then, hence it was a bit difficult to study from those books initially... but without losing confidence, always keeping a dictionary at hand, I persisted and studied.

There was still some time after board exams and before Ramaiah entrance exam. I went to Hyderabad and joined Matrusri for a month long crash course, to prepare for Ramaiah entrance test. During that time, many times I faced severe depression... many around me used to show and act as if they know everything and everything is damn easy... sometimes, even the teachers used to say "Ramaiah exam is very very tough"... some teachers even started spreading rumors "Ramaiah has lost its standard"... but Mom and Dad kept my spirits up, and my confidence levels high. During the crash course too, I studied with all the concentration and focus I could muster. In my opinion, the most important thing is "really really liking the subject you are studying!" It paid off. I was one among the 200 odd students selected from around 10 thousand who appeared for the test. No need to mention that I got a measly score of 92% in my 10th standard board exams. But I still feel a tinge of pride that I ended up receiving much better education than many of those board toppers.

IITJEE preparations:

  • Almost all the points from "first standard to ninth standard".
  • Resnick and Halliday, H. C. Verma and my class notes for Physics.
  • O. P. Tandon, J. D. Lee and my class notes for Chemistry.
  • Tata McGraw Hill, A. Dasgupta and my class notes for Maths.
  • FIITJEE All India Test Series for the last 4 months.
  • Never studied taking into account the MCQ pattern. Tried to understand each concept in physics, all formulas in math and reactions in chemistry, without mugging them up blindly.
  • With this preparation, wrote Olympiad exams too.
  • In a nutshell : Regular studies everyday, real interest and liking for the subjects and most importantly, studying together with like-minded, highly competitive friends and peers.


Please don't send me any email or Facebook message regarding this. If you have any doubts, questions, please post them here in the comments sections. Thank you.


I am not advertising any coaching class or book here. I am just narrating my experience, what I found useful, what I underwent. If after reading this you thought "for sure shot success in IITJEE, use this book and join that class", I am in no way responsible for such misconception.


  1. Sir for IIt it is need to work hard from 8th std where I am an average student get good score in xam so there will be any chance appearing for Ramaiah entrance exam where I live in maharshtra Can I?

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  2. and now i am in 10th std ssc last month

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  3. sir plz rpy u hav studied at Stantford Uni., sir plz

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  4. Sir we have 2 start study the above listed books from which std

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    1. The books mentioned are from my 11th and 12th standard.

  5. Sir,thanks for the link...
    after 'reading' the recent year SAT papers of ramaiah entrance test,provided in the link, i have a question ...what all topics should be covered for getting a good score in the test? what all topics did you study for entrance?any books related to it?
    Please Reply

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